[Trips in Norway] Stryn and Geiranger

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A trip by the glaciers, towering mountains and a beautiful coastline at the Nordfjord zone

Even if you’ve never ever been in Norway, you have heard that the Norwegian fjords are among the best destination in the world. Close up in a boat or from the shore, or from view points and mountain summits, the fjords are an invitation to enjoy the real Norwegian gem. From South to North of the country, passing by the capital, Oslo, the fjords are a worthy reason to visit Norway. But, where are the breathtaking places?

It isn’t a hard question, though. Expedia took me to discover the Nordfjord, a weekend spent between Stryn and Geiranger, the place internationally known for its awesome fjord view, and one of most fascinating roads in the country.

Stryn is a small town surrounded by stunning nature and glaciers. Even during summer, the glaciers are a big attraction, as the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, the biggest glacier on mainland Europe, that capture people’s attention for all their magnitude and beauty.

The way to Geiranger brings surprises and is a remedy for the eyes. The Trollstigen road affords incredible views of the fjord from a high altitude, from dramatic snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls and rivers, green valleys to the weather-beaten ocean landscape. Geiranger is approximately 1h30min from Stryn, by car.

The Geiranger Fjord is part of UNESCO World Heritage and if you come and visit you will understand why. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this area, looking to experience all the great places and spectacular nature. The view from the sights on the way are breathtaking: the incredible blue-green sea between the mountains, receiving thousands of tourists every single day during the year. Dalsnibba is one of Geiranger’s main attractions and is a very popular mountain top with visitors to the area. From the Dalsnibba plateau there is an awesome view across the most beautiful World Heritage Site, nestled in the surrounding mountain landscape with Geirangerfjorden right in the middle.

Everybody knows that prices in Scandinavia are particularly high. Stryn/Geiranger are tourist areas, so be prepared for expensive meals and shopping, even for the Norwegian way of life.

Summer is definitely the best time to visit the region if you are planning to go by car and enjoy the ride through the mountains. During the winter the roads are usually closed, due to the snow.

If you are planning to visit Norway and experience a truly Nordic landscape, you must come to the Nordfjord.

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[Passeios em Osl/ Tours in Osl] Sledding at Korketrekkeren / Corrida de trenó


Depois de um longo e feliz mês, talvez mais, viajando por aí, aqui estou, de volta ao meu solitário blog.

Então amigos: o inverno tá na área e muitas pessoas me perguntam o que fazer para tentar melhorar a situação. Eu não sou fã do frio, mas eu aprendi a lidar com isso. O que significa: atividades – snowboarding, patinação no gelo, sled…

Um dos mais famosos tobogãs começa em Frognerseter e termina na estação de metrô Midtstuen. No final de uma corrida, você pode pegar o metrô de votla para Frognerseteren e descer novamente. Você pode alugar o seu trenó por 135 kr (preço adulto: óculos + capacete inclusos) para o dia todo. Eu nunca desci mais do que duas vezes porque demora tanto para o metrô chegar que você acaba desanimando.
Posso dizerque eu amo andar de sled. Super ivertido, mas também pode ser perigoso. Quero dizer, você precisa de proteção sempre. Eu já fiz algumas vezes e toda vez parece que é a minha primeira vez descendo a montanha. Se há muita neve, você vai ter velocidade suficiente para fazer os 2000m em aproximadamente 10 minutos.

Vale a pena ir cedo, almoçar por lá e de quebra curtir o visual! Acesse um dos meus vídeos aqui e veja como funciona 😀

Antes de chegar à montanha, você pode verificar a câmera ao vivo e ver se vale a pena (se há neve suficiente).

Mais informações aqui.

Holmenkollveien 0710 Oslo. Telef. 22 49 01 21 .info@akeforeningen.no


After a long and happy month traveling around the globe, here I am, back to my solitary blog.

So, folks: winter is here and many people keep asking me what to do to make things goes better. I’m not a winter fan, but I’ve learned how to live with that. What means snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, skiing…

One of the most famous toboggans runs starts at Frognerseteren and ends at Midtstuen metro station. At the end of a run, you can catch the metro back up to Frognerseteren for another run. You can rent your sled for 135kr  (adult price: googles + helmet included) for all day. I never had more than 2 rides because of its so annoying wait for the metro – which took like 15 minutes to go back to the start.

I can tell you that I LOVE sledding. Its fun, but can also be dangerous. I mean, you need to use the protection if you are a newbie. I have done a couple of times and every new time sounds like my first. If there is a lot of snow, you will get the speed to reach the 2000m in approximately 10 minutes.

Before head to the mountains, you can check the live camera and see if its worth it (if there are enough snow).

Its worth to go early, have lunch there and enjoy the view!

More information here.

Holmenkollveien 0710 Oslo. Telef. 22 49 01 21 .info@akeforeningen.no