A weekend in the Faroe Islands with Mikkeller brewery

Aos amigos brasileiros, o link pro google tá ali embaixo, mas vou traduzir em breve 🙂


Mikkeller’ first beer brewed in Tórsthavn

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege to fly to the Faroe Islands with my partner in crime Roberta to be at Mikkeller’ bar opening in Tórshavn. If you know me, it is very clear that I love beers, I’m very into the Scandinavian brews and that I often go to Copenhagen because of Mikkeller, once we do not have a bar here in Oslo (and yes, I’m using it as an excuse to go my fav Scandinavian city).

I won the trip as a Mikkeller marketing action in partnership with SAS airlines and Hotel Føroya. I know you are thinking: “Did she win again?!”. I did. But it wasn’t a “free trip”. I won an amazing experience, got to meet great people and learn a lot about friendship.

Maybe you have tried Mikkeller in Brazil. Maybe you have tasted it in Japan, US or Stockholm. They are everywhere – 40 + countries, and yes, they are ready to take over the world.

We met part of the crew at Copenhagen airport, after a long night drinking at Mikkeller bar at Viktoriagade, since Roberta have never been there and I wanted her to go there. Roberta and I have been friends for years and we try to meet at least once a year once she lives in Paris and I’m based in Oslo. Two weeks ago, we met in Stockholm and decided to have a new trip next year. During one of our drunk nights, I tagged her on a Mikkeller post on facebook. My last words were: “Roberta, tag me back” and then she died. My mistake. Less than a week after we would meet up again for a crazy adventure.

Back to the point.

Usually, I don’t expect nothing from no one/ situation. Since I got sick I’m trying to live day by day, having fun and enjoying. Zero drama.  So, I was open for whatever and so Roberta. If you are foreign in Scandinavia you know that people might be a lot bit cold/quiet. And I was fine with it. Again, my mistake. Since the first very email Mikkeller’ crew were amazing. We got to meet Theis (the cam guy), Mixen and Jacob (Mikkeller), Rasmus (magician!!!) Jonathan (Arizona Wilderness brewery) early morning at CPH airport. Robert and I had almost no sleep the night before and we were still drunk after a long night drinking at Mikkeller’ bar. They welcomed us with a beer (of course!) a magic show. I mean, 9am, two still drunk girls and we get beers and a magic show. I remember telling Roberta: vai dar merda!. 

I had one of the best flights of my life, even with a crazy landing due to the wind. And I hate to fly. We tasted the new brews in partnership with SAS, and the vodka. In land, we got to know the full team: Mikkel, the founder, his adorable wife, Pernille and their kids Poly and the sweetest Stella; our “guide” and Hotel Forøyar marketing head, Thora, SAS representative Peter Lawrence and his wife and baby Archie (who smiled at me every time I said the word beer).

Honestly, I thought we would have a chill time. We arrived and we went to a guided tour/ Treasure hunting. We got Mikkeller beers, wine and local food to taste: dried codfish, lamb, and whale (whale hunting is a huge historical thing in the islands, but I will leave it for the next post). And of course, scenic views that made me happy for being healthy after such a crazy year. Of course we ended it up at the bar and with a nice dinner.

It was a crazy weekend, full of new experiences, surrounded by amazing people. I got to run in jeans and shitty shoes after to chug a beer can. I got to dance with amazing local people, and had to take a shot in each place we enter dancing. Maybe 3?4?. I’m not emotional, but in the middle of the dance I looked at Roberta and said: “Girl, I’m gonna cry”. And I did. Had a weird/ amazing feeling that I can not explain. And I was not high.  Thora told me in the day before the opening: “If you party here, you have to be welcomed”, I heard. Since I’m very polite, no way I would say no to the ram’s horn filled with a spirit (maybe aquavit?)”. Those people really know how to party! And I, my friend, I know that pretty well.

Talked to these people I have met gave me a broad idea about Mikkeller. I knew them from before, the brews, the special brews, the background. After that weekend, I bet you that Mikkeller success it is because of the people behind it, not because they have fucking amazing brews. Mikkel has an amazing crew holding his back. People who love beer, but love each other even more. I felt like I was on holidays with a friend and I have met a big family. A very unite family, who talks and have fun all the time, but also knows how to take things seriously.

I’m still overwhelmed. It was the best experience someone could get. An amazing brewery, with a great fucking amazing crew and a fantastic location. Maybe these words can’t help you to get how I feel, so maybe the pictures will give you a small taste.

Ah, about the bar? Go to Tórsthavn and check by yourself, believe me, is worth it.