The highlights of Hong Kong

I must say that Hong Kong is one of the most amazing cities I ever been to. It is mysterious, modern and has lots to offer. The multicultural people, the aesthetics of Chinese Revival architecture and the food, make this place unique.

Rains a lot in the island and the humidity it is quite high during the summer season. Do not leave the hotel without an umbrella or a light rain jacket, because when it comes, there is no escape. There is air conditioner all around, so if you want to refresh, just stop at a /Eleven or a mall.

In my opinion HK it is way safer than Oslo. And Oslo it is insanely safe. But still, be careful with your valuables in crowded places, such as the metro and buses. But there is no problem with walking around with an expensive camera or mobiles.

Forget everything you know about politeness. If your mom told you to do not burp nearby by the guests, in HK it is not a problem. I couldn’t hold my laugh every time someone farted or burped at a restaurant. Culture!

We all know the Asians are crazy for technology. In HK they take it to a next level: the weird one. I started to think if I’m using my gadgets for my well being or what. In HK they never leave their phones. All the time, anywhere, everywhere, they are connected playing or checking their social media. Was something normal for me, even though I still think that in Norway people use their gadgets a lot. But in HKG it is insane!

HK it is a magical place. From the wonderful skyscrapers, passing by the cuisine and culture, the city has lots to offer. Unfortunately, I could not make the Giant Buddha, super expensive and in the end, I just wanted to sleep and rest. But still, here are some of my high points while in the city.

  1. The Peak

Climbing above the financial heart of the Island, the Peak has one of the best views of HK and neighborhoods. To rise up to the viewpoint, it is necessary to catch the Peak Tram, knowing by being the first cable funicular in Asia, in operation since 1888.

The view at 552m above the sea makes The Peak the highest point on HK and will give you the best panorama of the Island, worth the visit! Do not forget to pay extra to get access to the Panorama 360 view.

  1. Temple Street Night Market

As the name says, the Temple market it is a night market at one of the most famous and busiest streets in Kowloon neighborhood. At the market, you can find local food at a super cheap price to fake electronics, watches, and bags. Use your bargain abilities to negotiate with the sellers. I can tell that you will be surprised by how easy it is to get a nice price if you just ask. I bought a bag for 100HKD, which cost 280HKD, and of course, they still made money on it. Temple Street Market, it is a physical version of the websites Alibaba and Deal Extreme.

If you wear contact lenses as I do, the best price can be found a few streets up, at Sai Yeung Street. Usually, I buy mine in Brazil, but I got daily lenses for 6 months for 90HKD each box with 30. To have an idea, in Oslo, I would pay circa 500kr for a month.

For the Instax lovers as I’m, the Instax film can be found for 55HKD for 20 pictures. In Oslo it costs 230kr.


  1. Get lost.

I keep saying this because getting lost for me it is one of the best ways to know a place. Start to walk close to your hotel and get to know the facilities nearby. You might be surprised about how much nice stuff you will discover around. In HK I would point Kowloon as a great place to stay and walk around.

  1. Cross HK island to Kowloon on the legendary Star Ferry

This legendary 15min ride from Victoria Harbour takes you to the Kowloon (Central – Tsim Shai Tsui) it is extremely charming and gives you a great view of the skyscrapers during the day and an unforgettable sight of the dancing lights during the night. Star Ferry was founded in 1880 and carry daily more than 5000 thousand passengers, every 15min. The National Geographic Traveler named the ferry crossing as one of 50 places of a lifetime. The ferry ride is also well known as one of the world’s best value-for-money sightseeing trips. Tickets cost 2,50HKD. Take note: there is a tour service with prices from 98HKD.

  1. Disneyland

I love Disneyland. I’m such a Mickey Mouse fan, that I spent 45 min in a giant queue just to take a new picture with it. I had no expectations about the HK version, so when I arrived I was fine about to see the lack of attractions for the grownups. If you have time, I would suggest a visit, but knowing that there are barely 3 attractions for the old ones. Still, it is Disneyland, the place where the magic happens. The price is not bad if we compare to the other Disney parks. A must see the Lion King show. Impeccable, beautiful and in English. I felt like a kid when I started to sing all the movie’ songs alone since 90% of the crowd was Asian. I could see how disappointed they were.


6. Enjoy the architecture

Hong Kong old constructions are knocked down and replaced with taller, shinier versions almost while your back is turned. The Island is keep growing and losing lots of its potential architecture history. This persistent cycle of destruction and construction won’t stop, so use your time to visit some of the historical buildings.

The brightly colored Alhambra was built in 1958 and it is a commercial/ residential block at the end of the famous Temple Street. The building is definitely a landmark around the area!




To see the HKD value:

Language: Cantonese and Chinese. You will get all the necessary information at metro, buses, the airport in English, but this language is not often used.


My experience eating the cheapest Michelin’ awarded dish

[Português em breve, ou use o tradutor linkado <3]

Forget everything you know about Michelin starred restaurants being expensive and luxurious. I truly believed myself that could be impossible to eat a Michelin’ dish for less than 10 dollars.

I had the chance to “meet” the hawkers in Singapore, which is more than a simple food court: it takes you to the best kitchen experience in town, maybe in all Asia. And also, the new town of the cheapest Michelin’ awarded restaurant.

In Chinatown, at the Maxwell Food Centre, was time to eat one of the best chicken and rice in the world. 25 minutes in the queue and no air conditioning to combat Singapore’s roasting heat, just to buy one of the most famous dishes in Chinatown’s Hawker: rice chicken.  A giant queue shows that something happened there. Behind a small balcony, three people squeezed into a minimum space to serve one of the dishes that costs from 2USD and tastes like heaven! The now-famous stall “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle” is now a milestone for street food in the history of the reputed Michelin Guide.

According to the Michelin guide, the one-star award is given to restaurants that offer “high-quality cooking, worth a stop”. If you ever have a chance to go to Singapore, take a time to dine at this or one of the innumerous Hawkers around the city. An experience for life.



Maxwell Food Centre -Open from 8 to 10pm1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184